Friday, April 23, 2010

Nothing like good old friends....

Finally, after what seems like decades, the 3 of us have managed to spend a weekend together. Audrey and Yin Ling (a.k.a Agnes) - my best university mates, finally made their way to good old Kuantan, so that the 3 of us could catch up on each other. I must say, physically, they look as young as ever, but we all realize our thinking has changed pretty much.

Dinner at an atmospheric Malay eatery, called 'Padi - Tom Yam.' There are fish ponds and aquariums within this restaurant, and the 'tom yam' is delicious! Over at Padi, my 'old' friends got to meet my 'new' friend, Andrew, who was just about to have his dinner alone, accompanied by a faithful book. Well, the more the merrier! *Thanks for dinner, Andrew :)

*Audrey, you know we canoed under the scorching heat, pricking our feet in the burning sand, just for you!:P And who would have thought, we actually attempted playing 'batu seremban' with sand balls!

Audrey, a self-declared 'water sapien' has earned her name as she got us into the canoe. She is totally in love with anything and everything to do with the sea, sand and sun! Splashing water all over us, as we sang 'Row, row, row your boat....." Audrey was like a fully charged battery while we were merely surviving. I have to say, I enjoyed every minute of it, despite the not exactly enticing weather.

Not forgetting the 'Turtle Sanctuary' of course...pleasant views of Nemo's ocean friends - educational indeed.

*We did experience a misadventure after canoeing - a flat tyre, and a flat spare tyre! Thank God for a friend nearby who saved us from being stranded on the streets! So much for the conspiracy theory, huh, Yin Ling! Ha ha..

*I am currently down with flu, fever and a bad cough after the extreme weather conditions during the weekend. 3 days medical leave...he he .....But I count it worth the trade:P Wouldn't have liked it any other way!

As with every visit from my good friends, I get really excited and cherish every moment of it. Audrey & Yin Ling - missing you already!